[Part 4] How Top Banks Leverage IVAs to Enable Self-Service: Using IVAs to Increase Sales

By Richard Simons, CEO of Creative Virtual USA

This is the fourth post in our seven-part blog series – How Top Banks Leverage Intelligent Virtual Assistants to Enable Self-Service.


Intelligent virtual agents are being used to complete sales and facilitate transactions even sitting beside live chat agents to provide customers with choices on how to interact with the brand. Here are three examples of how our intelligent virtual agents are being used to generate revenue.

  1. Sales Hand-Off: Intelligent virtual agents help facilitate complex sales that require a live agent through escalation. For example, if a client asks if a certain service is available in their area, the intelligent virtual agent can quickly make a determination, and then escalate to a live agent to complete the sale. If not, they can provide an immediate answer to the customer and provide a solution such as asking them to sign up to be notified when the service becomes available.
  2. Proactive Engagement: Intelligent virtual agents also proactively pop-up based on customer behavior – very much like live chat. For example, the intelligent virtual agent can ask the customer if they need helping locating an item or information, and direct them to the right area. The intelligent virtual agent can also suggest complementary products or services.
  3. Transaction Integration: Intelligent virtual agents are tightly integrated into backend systems which helps provide personalization to customers. Users can get access to previous invoices, receive alerts, and receive notifications upon engaging the intelligent virtual agent. For example, the intelligent virtual agent can tell you immediately when funds are due for your credit card, and then prompt you to make a payment.


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