Research Natural Language Help Systems Before You Buy

By Courtney Schreier, Marketing Manager, Americas

Researching extensively online before making a purchase is becoming more and more commonplace. Perhaps you wish to make a small purchase such as the latest bestseller, or a large purchase such as a car.  Comparing several options before making a decision is not only useful but can be viewed instantly at the click of a mouse. Consumers are turning to their peers as well as experts alike in record numbers for objective reviews on a range of items before making a purchase, whether a toaster, a photocopier for the office, or even a gift.

So why should it be any different with a Natural Language Processing (NLP) Help System?

Realistically, it shouldn’t be – although it might be challenging to know where to get started. Creative Virtual has therefore assembled and published a new reference on the website: Purchasing Checklist: Top Five Key Points to Consider Before Purchasing, Implementing and Maintaining a Natural Language Powered Help System. This Purchasing Checklist serves the purpose of outlining the various features of NLP systems, including the functions they excel at and also which functions they are not so suited to.

These guidelines also catalogue what to look for in a vendor of such a system, as well as how to best implement and deploy such a solution. To read the full reference, click here.

As part of our new look, we at Creative Virtual have been excited about sharing more information about our technology. We’ve recently added lots of new reference materials to our website, so that people can easily access and learn more about our solutions. For more information on NLP systems, please contact us.