Self-Serve Technology Install includes Integration that Decreases Perceived Customer Effort

By Courtney Schreier, Marketing Manager, Americas

A leading software company is now live with Creative Virtual’s V-Person self-serve technology. We are very excited to announce this system install, which includes an integration to a major cloud-based CRM system. This kind of deep integration is something we believe could benefit a wide range of companies, since it would empower their end-users to do so much more on their own, thereby increasing their satisfaction.

By leveraging back-end integration capabilities, our solution now handles more than 65% of trouble ticket volumes for this software company that were previously handled by live resources. This includes checking customer information, validity of license requests and also issuing activation codes. Our solution can also submit tickets for users who are unable to obtain new codes online.

The ability of V-Person to handle more than 65% of trouble tickets is huge. This translates to fast, intelligent and labor-saving solutions for our client. The client is then able to focus their live resources on more complex issues, cutting down on end-user frustrations that previously resulted from a slow turnaround time in getting a response for complicated issues.

This is a fantastic accomplishment for the team at Creative Virtual. This is a really clear demonstration that a fully-integrated V-Person is highly flexible and our natural language processing (NLP) is strong enough to understand customer requests and facilitate back-end processes. As a result, the need for human-to-human contact is eliminated, reserving live interactions for only the most complex of issues. This particular deployment is also key because it showcases our integration capabilities with a cloud-based CRM system. Our solution enables end-users to self-serve online in mere seconds, compared to previous manual processes that took days and as a result, customers perceive much less effort in getting their issues resolved. V-Person provides a smooth customer experience and as part of our available solution packages, is truly the cornerstone in providing smart help.

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