The Effortless Experience Paradigm: How is it Relevant to Virtual Agents?

By Courtney Schreier, Marketing Manager, Americas

Making customer experience effortless has become a mantra since the 2013 publishing of the The Effortless Experience. And it seems that this concept is not one likely to go away soon – nor should it. The idea of first interaction resolution and easy self-service versus over-and-above personal interactions with super-friendly reps can be seen as a plus by many. With most consumers being pressed for time, a fast solution that delivers results will win every time.

Creative Virtual has created an infographic on four ways that you can make the customer experience effortless for your clients. Click here to view the infographic. Virtual agents are a great way to enhance the self-service aspect of effortless interactions and can be deployed in any channel where your customers are interacting with your brand. They can provide personalized, contextual help based on the products and services your customers are already using, or have expressed an interest in. Virtual agents can also provide an easy escalation to a live service representative if the query is too complex to be answered quickly. All of these features help to increase rates of first interaction resolution, a key cornerstone to making an experience effortless. Finally, Voice-of-the-Customer reporting delivered in real-time can have a great impact in ultimate customer satisfaction rates. Our reporting tools allow organizations to see and respond to issues as customer concerns come in via the virtual agent.

Download the full infographic here to learn more.