The Virtual Agent’s Advantage over Human Nature

by Jessica Cody, Marketing Manager

How Your Company’s Customer Will Benefit

The most important factor for your company when deciding on a virtual agent is what benefits it can offer to the customer, since the goal is to provide excellent customer service without having to use a live person.  Virtual assistants satisfy the need for web self service, and have a lot to offer that live representatives do not, including:

  1. A faster, more efficient response.  No being put on hold, no waiting in line, no dropped calls.
  2. Less chance of a language barrier.quark_final_first_blog_
  3. Easy integration with any program, so there is no hassle of downloading new programs or struggle to find a compatible device.
  4. Elimination of human error (such as delayed responses, incorrect information or rudeness).
  5. Questions can be answered 24/7, not just during business hours.
  6. A more fun and entertaining customer service experience, with custom-designed avatars and backdrops.
  7. The virtual assistant manages information as well as generates it (prevents information overload).

How Your Company Will Benefit

The second most important factor for your company when deciding on a virtual agent is how your company will benefit from using web self service.  Your business will operate more efficiently with a virtual agent for the following reasons:

  1. Saves you the effort of the interviewing and training process, which can exhaust a lot of company time and resources.
  2. Reduces the issue of coverage for sick/absent employees.
  3. Allows for more flexibility with location, time, etc.
  4. Increase in sales.
  5. An easy, effective method of marketing.  Virtual assistants can push products while helping customers through the sales process, and a number of our customers have used banner ad campaigns, where the customer can chat with the virtual agent directly in the banner.
  6. Saves you money because you don’t have to hire as many customer service representatives, salespeople, etc.  Having an automated online assistant also cuts down on the cost of tax and payroll benefits, equipment and office space.

Creative Virtual’s automated online assistants are over 90% accurate, offer an incredible return on investment (with up to 50% call deflection), and are able to support thousands of concurrent users.  No human, no matter how capable, can possibly measure up.

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