Top Telco Live with a Responsive Element

By Courtney Schreier, Marketing Manager, Americas

Creative Virtual is excited that one of our newest telecommunications clients is now live with our V-Person™ technology. Developed to accommodate responsive design, this system is deployed across web and tablet devices. Responsive design helps companies support multiple platforms at a lower cost.Business - meeting in office, senior managers

Although the technology concept of responsive design is not new, the acceptance, adoption and implementation of it in the corporate world is. Only in the last two to three years, when tablet devices really started to take off, did responsive design suddenly become a hot topic.

V-Person allows for frictionless journeys across all channels and responsive design allows for customers not to worry about the user interface, while also having the freedom of cross-channel content navigation with our technology. Responsive design elevates the customer experience by always presenting the best version of your company to them – by adapting to the device your customer is using. The customer is then able to enjoy a seamless transition across their devices whenever, wherever and however they are choosing to interact with you. This is just another aspect of how V-Person can help guide the customer engagement experience for your company, beyond just virtual assistance.  Find out more by requesting a demotoday!