Top US Bank Deploys Pilot of Natural Language Self-Help System in Spanish

By Tim Sanger, VP Customer Experience Solutions

We are incredibly pleased to announce that one of the top banks in the US has deployed a pilot using our V-Person™ technology for self-help, in Spanish. Providing great service is a challenge and it’s made even more so when Spanish speaking customers are forced to “self-help” in their second language. Couple that fact with the understanding that “The U.S. Hispanic population has increased six-fold, since 1970” (Pew Research – February 26, 2014) and the path forward is clear – companies who are interested in truly serving their diverse customer base, need to provide diverse and intuitive solutions.

Businesswoman Using Headset Microphone

The pilot currently provides bi-lingual support for 100 of the bank’s top FAQs and is expanding based on business needs and customer feedback. Each day, content editors are able to see what’s working well and where opportunities for improvement exist, based on in-conversation and end of conversation surveys as well as real-time customer inputs. V-Portal™ (Creative Virtual’s proprietary content management, workflow management and business intelligence tool) allows the content management team to make appropriate changes quickly which allows the system to constantly improve.

Early results of the pilot show that accuracy and satisfaction are both very high and that users are asking for expansion of the content. As such, the client and Creative Virtual will work (in tandem) to expand the knowledgebase, based on customer’s needs.