Using Virtual Agent Technology to Adapt to Customer Demands

By Richard Simons, CEO, Creative Virtual USA

Technology is adapting to the consumer, and not the other way around.  Finally.

I recently spoke as a panelist for a destinationCRM roundtable webinar.  The one hour event “Meet Customer Demands with Virtual Agents” focused on the changing trend in technology today to become more adaptive to customers’ behavior versus the other way around.

I think one of the biggest frustrations for customers when online help first surfaced was the inability to have their issues solved in either the channel they were requesting it in, or having to switch to a separate channel and start from square one.  At some point when a customer has spent their valuable time talking to an automated system or inputting their information, they expect, and rightly so, that the organization they are working with has retained their data.

That’s what makes the seamless multi-channel integration of Creative Virtual’s V-Person™ so exciting.  During the webinar I was able to show examples of how Creative Virtual’s technology is working to help successful companies deliver consistent and accurate information to their customers across channels such mobile, tablet, IVR and social media.   This flexible technology allows customers to have personalized interactions on-demand with an organization, delivering a more humanized customer experience in the medium, or mediums of the customer’s choosing.

For anyone who missed the live event, the presentation is now available for viewing. I’d like to extend a big thank you to destinationCRM and David Myron for hosting and moderating the discussion.