Virtual Agents Intercept Online Security Issues

by Jessica Cody, Marketing Manager

One of the many beneficial uses that companies have found a virtual agent brings to their website is the resolution of login recovery and security issues. This is beneficial to the customers as well, because 65% of consumers prefer online support, and would rather not have to waste a phone call. It makes sense, then, that something as common as a forgotten password or username, or other personal security issue, should be handled online.

Forrester analyst Diane Clarkson wrote a great article around this issue entitled “Reducing the Call Center Cost of Login Recovery Should be a Top E-Business Priority”. Her research concluded that of the calls coming in to most business-to-consumer companies’ call centers, a whopping 30-40% of them are regarding login issues. The cost of resolving these issues is outrageous, ranging from $250,000 to $1,000,000 out of the company’s budget per year. It’s no wonder so many of these companies are in search of alternatives. hsbc olivia screenshot 2

Creative Virtual was first approached by HSBC as they were preparing to introduce new security measures for Personal Internet Banking accounts. Ask Olivia was developed to answer customer questions about the new Secure Key and staying safe while banking online. This virtual agent is conveniently located on the Security Centre page as well as the Personal Internet Banking log-in pages allowing customers to find answers about online security any time of the day or night without a phone call.

Ask Verizon, Verizon’s virtual agent developed by Creative Virtual, has also served as a log-in assistant for the millions of Verizon customers that have an online account for TV, phone and/or Internet. If customers forget their username and password, Ask Verizon easily walks them through the steps of recovering the information. Login recovery is a customer service issue that can be easily resolved, as long as website visitors know where to go and what steps to take. That is where virtual agents provide a cost effective and convenient solution. By having intelligent virtual agents available to provide support online, call centers can focus on other issues that actually require a live person.

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