Virtual Assistants and Knowledge Management: your complementary customer engagement solution

By Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO

My favourite webinar to present is the Technology Innovation Showcase that Creative Virtual has done for three consecutive years with CRMXchange. Why? Most other webinars require me to stick to just presenting slides, but the Tech Showcase gives me the opportunity to give live demos of some of our current implementations. The best way to truly showcase our Smart Help solutions – and for you to understand how they work – is to show them in action. I’m guessing many of you agree since we had one of the highest number of registrants and attendees that CRMXchange has seen for their Tech Showcase series!

This year my presentation was titled Knowledge Management and Virtual Assistants: A Winning Combination for Customer Engagement, and I addressed the challenge organisations face when it comes to creating and maintaining content in order to provide customers with accurate and consistent information across contact channels. My live demonstrations showed how companies are already using the powerful combination of natural language virtual assistant technology and a flexible knowledge management platform to create positive omnichannel engagement.

The main thing to take away from my presentation is the fact that the Creative Virtual solutions I demonstrated and explained are designed to be complementary to what your organisation already has in place. I see so many large organisations embarking on massive projects that go on for ages, cost a lot of money and may end up not even being relevant anymore once they are completed. Our technology can sit on top of your existing infrastructure, integrate with your existing systems and allow you to create highly personalised virtual conversations right away. These systems empower you to improve the customer experience, save costs and increase sales – all while building on what you already have in place. There’s no need to throw out what you’ve already spent time and money putting in place.

If you missed the live Tech Showcase webcast, it is now available to view on-demand. Once you’ve watched my presentation, I hope you’ll reach out to us for your own personalised live demo to see more of our technology in action.

My thanks to Sheri Greenhaus and CRMXchange for hosting another great Technology Innovation Showcase for us.