Webinar: Increasing Revenue with a Virtual Agent

By Courtney Schreier, Marketing Manager, Americas

Enabling customers to self-serve pays dividends beyond just cutting the costs associated with a call center and increasing customer satisfaction. Using an intelligent virtual agent can also help your company boost revenue at an optimal point of customer engagement: the moment when the customer is asking your company directly about something. The virtual agent can increase revenues in both sales support and service scenarios. During our webinar next week, “Increasing Revenue with a Virtual Agent,” several use cases will be examined that demonstrate the productivity of a virtual agent in both types of settings.

Join Johan Jacobs, Executive Consultant and Former Gartner Research Director and Richard Simons, CEO of Creative Virtual USA in this webinar and roundtable event on Wendesday, July 30th at 11 AM EST. Attendees are invited to propose a question for the roundtable in advance. Register now and add in your question.

Richard and Johan will discuss three specific use cases where using virtual assistants can garner sales activity, even if at first blush an opportunity doesn’t appear to exist. Virtual assistants aren’t typically thought of as a sales mechanism – they are more often thought of as support. But they can be used to cross-sell while combing through web chat and looking for specific keywords. To find out more about how these “selling” virtual assistants have actually been implemented, register for the live webinar and roundtable event today!