We’re All About the Customer 24/7.

Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO

Our sole business premise is to help our customers deliver excellent service to their customers. Meeting this demand requires us to take on the mindset of a customer who has a question that needs answering or an issue that needs solving and helping our customers deliver such information in a timely, courteous manner. Embracing this perspective is the best way to ensure we can recommend solutions to companies that increase brand loyalty.

It sounds simple, however, even with focus on this goal, true customer service delivery for some has been weak or even overlooked. But can customer service genuinely be experienced in the evolving world of virtual technology? We think so.

v-portal dtree webTo that end, we are rolling out V-Portal™, our multi-channel knowledge management solution for enterprise businesses. Employing V-Portal is similar to adding an insurance policy to your company’s customer service strategy; a guarantee for customers to get the ‘round the clock, personal attention they deserve, from a variety of contact points. Having the ability to flawlessly deliver company and customer specific information using intelligent virtual assistant technology across the call centre, web, mobile, Twitter or Facebook with a few clicks is critical for maintaining customer loyalty in our always on, connected world.

We have helped companies from retail to communications create efficiencies and maintain high customer satisfaction with our technology. Soon a premier online financial services company, who has already gained over an 80% call deflection rate, plans to widen its competitive edge by employing V-Portal to create cross-company content transparency, and a reporting mechanism that analyses customer behaviour. And because ours is the best solution available today, the company will also realise lower costs and increased revenue.

Lessons are often hard learned, but given the competitive landscape of today’s business world, companies cannot afford to sacrifice their own customers’ experience with its brand. We must remember that the goal is to engage the customer, not send them to a competitor.

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