What do banks need to know about customer experience in the mobile-first era?

By Courtney Schreier, Marketing Manager, Americas

Last month, Mark Schwanhausser, Director, Omnichannel Financial Services at Javelin Strategy & Research and Richard Simons, CEO of Creative Virtual USA sat down to discuss how changes in technology are changing the way we bank during a webinar hosted by Creative Virtual.

Mark outlined many of the most common reasons customers choose to switch banks, such as excessive fees and unsatisfactory customer services. He also made recommendations advising banks to target particular segments of the population for new products and services based on their high level of engagement with both financial institutions and different digital channels. Mark also asserted the need to move past reactive banking and aim for proactive banking, thus creating a better customer experience for banking customers.

Richard showcased some of Creative Virtual’s own virtual agents, including several which are currently in deployment by financial institutions. What’s especially notable about our virtual assistants is their ability to provide personalized information to customers on authenticated pages. They can also be used to generate more revenue, based on prompting customers about buying things they’ve previously looked at, or based on their current products and services.

To watch the webinar in full, click here.