Creative Virtual, a leading conversational AI company that enables businesses to deliver seamless, personalised digital support to customers, employees and contact centre agents, has today released Gluon, a new version of its V-PersonTM technology. Powering Creative Virtual’s V-PortalTM and V-Person product suites, the Gluon release has new technical capabilities and provides a better user experience.

Driven by the latest technology advances and customer feedback, this new version of the company’s V-Person technology makes it quicker and easier to build, deploy, and maintain effective conversational AI solutions in V-Portal with greater scalability, more advanced functionality and increased workflow flexibility.
“Technology is constantly advancing and as a leading player in conversational AI it’s imperative that we continue to embrace innovation and deliver real value to our customers,” says Chris Ezekiel, Founder and CEO, Creative Virtual.

The interface of Creative Virtual’s V-Portal platform has been redesigned, and updated features include secure single sign-on (SSO), customisable role-based authorisation, and native support for large language models (LLMs), including GPT.

Chris continues: “Although GPT, notably ChatGPT, has only recently gained mass market attention, GPT and other LLMs have been on the radar and subject to testing, discussion and research of our R&D team for several years.

“This foresight means that we are in a position, today, where our platform architecture integrates with LLMs and we can deliver real value to businesses using our V-Person solutions and who are wanting to leverage the latest technology to create better customer and employee experiences.”

The upgraded V-Portal platform supports low-code and no-code virtual agent development and maintenance, provides easier integration with contact centre platforms, customer relationship management, voice technologies and other third party systems, and supports real-time data streaming.

Whilst the Gluon release enhances and improves many of the features of the earlier version of the V-Portal platform, Creative Virtual is continuing its hybrid approach to creating conversational AI solutions. The company provides a signature blend of machine learning (ML) and a rules-based approach to natural language processing (NLP) so that there is not complete dependency on AI.

This chosen approach mitigates the concern of many businesses related to the risk of potential false information being shared.

“Our hybrid model differentiates our conversational AI platform from others on the market today and ensures that organisations remain in control to create accurate, reliable engagements at scale,” said Chris.

The Gluon release enables businesses to deliver accurate, highly personalised content based directly on customer preferences, and customers can interact with brands on the device and through the channel of their choosing. The secure design of the platform architecture provides the highest levels of security, data privacy and adherence to compliance standards.

Creative Virtual’s conversational AI solutions are designed to meet the variety of operational models, and support all cloud-based (public, private, hybrid) as well as on-premise delivery models.

“The Gluon release has improved our ability to deliver value to our customers. This is a new era of technological advancements, and with this release our customers can benefit immediately with the tools and capabilities to deliver better experiences to their customers and employees, in a responsible way,” concludes Chris.

Highlights of the Gluon release

  • Flexible architecture at both the front (V-Person) and back-ends (V-Portal) to improve scalability and simplify deployment 
    • Microservices architecture
    • Wholesale adoption of containerisation
    • Support for low-code and no-code virtual agent deployment
    • Native support for LLMs, includingGPT
    • Easier integration with contact centre platforms, CRMs, voice technologies and other backend systems
    • Expands V-Portal’s seamless and secure SSO capabilities with a wider range of authentication providers through the adoption of Okta as the primary Identity and Access management platform. This will support OpenID Connect, SAML, OAuth, and LDAP/Active Directory
  • Refreshed design of V-Portal giving it a modern new design, more intuitive navigation, advanced functionality and streamlining of processes 
    • Easier to craft customised conversation flows with a ground-breaking visual flow manager
    • More straight-forward experience for building, testing and maintaining themes, with ability to view and edit natural language rules, exclusion rules and answers within one screen
    • Answers support rich media including images, videos and carousels
    • Options to create and maintain all content within the platform, integrate with external content sources, or use a combination of both for conversational AI solutions
    • New role-based system for user management, making it easier to control project access whilst still allowing for customisation for the creation, approval and publishing of content
    • More options for users to create a personalised platform: dashboard design, language choice, built-in and third-party widget availability
  • Artificial Intelligence 
    • The machine learning component is integrated with workflow functionality, so you decide the best configuration for your conversational AI tool to continuously improve in a controlled and reliable way. At the same time, natural language rules can be used as an ‘override’ to the machine learning to ensure accuracy, resolve content clashes, and deliver very precise responses when needed
    • Integration with external LLMs as part of our hybrid approach to conversational AI. In particular, the native support for LLMs, including GPT-3/4
    • Users can test the system from the theme screen, seeing if an input successfully matches that theme, matches a different theme in the knowledgebase, or doesn’t match any existing themes
  • Business Intelligence 
    • Support for real-time data streaming, including Kafka event streaming, enabling the stream-savvy to tap into the heavily enriched transactional data produced by the Creative Virtual V-Engine
    • A wealth of metrics to track performance and help with further system improvements through both standardised and customised reporting
    • Users can create a personalised dashboard to bring together the most important information to view at a single glance
    • Business intelligence reporting allow users to analyse headline statistics as well as drill down into the performance of very specific pieces of content, business areas, or channels