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V-Studio is an orchestration and management platform generating the intelligence for highly effective customer and employee communication.


It is on our V-Studio platform that the IQ and EQ of our V-Person chatbots, voicebots, virtual assistants and live chat are created and continually evolve.

Bringing together multiple data sources

Conversations on any platform and via any medium, in a personalised and seamless way

Discover the benefits of our V-Studio Platform

Trusted conversations | Better customer and employee experiences

Making the digital human

Our V-Studio platform makes it possible for our V-Person chatbots, voicebots, virtual assistants and live chat solutions to interpret and respond to requests, questions, instructions and all kinds of other interactions like a human.

Personal, accurate and real-time

Our platform is a central and unifying space to create and curate conversations that are personalised, understood, accurate, safe – and meet the needs and requirements of customers and employees.

One brand voice across all channels

Our V-Studio platform transforms disparate data into intelligence that is communicated with a consistent style and tone aligned to a brand’s personality.

Single trusted source of truth

Our platform is a central hub for knowledge management, bringing together content from both corporate and public sources. Humans have full control over content editing, curation and approval, ensuring that all brand communication can be trusted as honest, reliable and authentic.

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Agility, security and scalability | Better operational performance

Adapt real-time to meet customer and employee needs

Our V-Studio platform has a flexible architecture for agility and flexibility, enabling the implementation of V-Person solutions at scale - meeting customer and employee needs even during times of rapid change.

Be always up-to-date with the latest technology

Our V-Studio architecture makes it easy and simple to deploy and upgrade technology in all hosting environments – cloud, private cloud, or on-premise. 

Ensuring privacy, protection and safeguarding of data

Our V-Studio platform is secure by design. Security protocols, compliance with global standards and adherence to all local legislation related to data privacy, governance and sovereignty are embedded in our platform design.

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Insights, intelligence, integration | Better business performance

Data-informed decision making

The intelligence capabilities of our V-Studio platform deliver comprehensive insights for V-Person chatbot, virtual agent, voicebot and live chat solutions. Conversational analytics and user feedback reporting enable businesses to make data informed decisions to deliver even better customer experiences.

Customised and personalised measurement and reporting to meet every need

Our V-Studio platform provides a full suite of metrics to track performance and offers both standardised and customised reporting. Dashboards can be personalised with the most important information for the user brought into a single view.  Headline as well as deep dive micro-statistical performance is available for specific pieces of content, business areas or channels.

Real-time data streaming

Our V-Studio platform supports real-time data streaming and allows for real-time analysis of data. Event streaming provides the insights needed to identify and deliver relevant solutions quickly.

Connected conversational AI ecosystem

Our V-Studio platform integrates seamlessly with CRMs, voice technologies, contact centre platforms and other internal systems. The platform caters for an extensive collection of pre-built connectors for many third-party systems, and is architected with the flexibility for advanced integration possibilities.

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Explore our V-Studio Capabilities

The V-Studio Platform includes core capabilities to enable businesses to create customer, employee and contact centre agent experiences.

Designed to deliver real business value, V-Studio helps to build brand loyalty, increase productivity, reduce costs, enhance brand reputation and ensure choice, speed and accuracy.

Innovation designed for function, usability, & business results


A microservices architecture better supports the composable business approach with the agility needed to develop and deliver innovative conversational AI solutions at scale.

V-Studio leverages a microservices architecture to provide more flexibility in development workflow. This also allows for accelerated product iteration and integration of third-party applications around Creative Virtual’s technologies.


The wholesale adoption of containerisation across our V-Studio platform enables simpler deployment and upgrade processes for cloud, private cloud, and on-premise customers as well as enabling greater scalability.

Low-code & No-code

With the shift to composable businesses, supporting low-code and no-code virtual agent development and maintenance enables non-programmers to help design seamless conversational AI engagements.

Large Language Models

Native support for LLMs such as GPT3/4 is available within the V-Studio platform.

The flexible architecture enables integration with all LLMs, enabling customer choice.

Third-party systems

Full integration capability with contact centre platforms, CRMs, voice technologies, and other internal systems.

An extensive collection of pre-built connectors are available for a variety of third-party systems, as well as flexibility of coding for advanced integration possibilities.

The V-Studio interface makes it straightforward to utilise these integrations when crafting content and guided flows with a drag-and-drop library of pre-defined connectors.

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The functionality available inside our V-Studio Platform

Conversation Flow Manager

Personalisation in the most natural conversational style

  • Customised conversation flows with a ground-breaking visual flow manager.
  • An intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows for the building of complex and connected conversation flows.
  • Supports sub-flows and more perceptive entity extraction and slot-filling functionality.

Theme Builder

A straightforward, simple  experience when building, testing, and maintaining system themes

  • Within one screen, users can view and edit a theme’s natural language rules, exclusion rules, and answers.
  • Answers support rich media including images, videos, and carousels.
  • Users can easily test and make updates on a single theme builder screen.
  • The theme builder makes it quicker and easier to ensure reliability of the system
  • Options to interface with large language models, configure responses based on best confidence, deploy rules to override the machine learning where required, and create exclusion rules.

Large Language Models

Reducing the required time and effort for deployment

  • Integration with external LLMs (such as GPT-3/4) is part of our hybrid approach to AI.
  • Using LLMs delivers value to V-Person solutions by reducing the required time and effort for deployment, removing the need to re-train the system, and increasing accuracy of the AI matching in many cases.
  • Organisations preferring not to use LLMs still have the option to use our in-house neural network instead.
  • For some deployments, certain content types, and specific use cases, customers can opt for on-premise or secure cloud deployment of the language model, thus ensuring data security and privacy.
  • Regardless of which neural network or LLM you opt to use for your V-Person solution, it is integrated with workflow functionality in V-Studio to allow for custom configuration and control of the AI.

Content Management

Enabling specific responses based on a variety of criteria, including channel, authenticated user profile, or language

  • Options to create and maintain all content within the platform, integrate with external content sources, or use a combination of both for your conversational AI solution.
  • The knowledge management capabilities within V-Studio allow for content to be organised and structured in a way that aligns with how the solution will be used.
  • It is combined with workflow functionality and user management to make sure content is created, reviewed, and updated in a timely manner by the right team members.
  • Enables granular control over responses given, allowing for optimisation for individual channels, and enabling the management of multi-lingual solutions within a single knowledgebase.
  • The platform also supports the use of rich media such as diagrams, images, and videos in addition to text and hyperlinks within the answers.

Testing the System

  • Users can test the system right on the theme screen, seeing if an input successfully matches that theme, matches a different theme in the knowledgebase, or doesn’t match any existing themes.
  • An input that has no match or is not providing the correct response can be quickly addressed directly within that same screen.
  • A full testing window with options is available to set test parameters, view related data, and see if an input is matching based on the machine learning model or a natural language rule.

User Management

Control project access while still allowing for customised settings for the creation, approval, and publishing of content

  • A role-based system designed with the large enterprise in mind.
  • User profile and permission settings are combined with easy-to-use workflows and audit trails to assist with setting priorities, complying with company and industry regulations, and ensuring content accuracy.

User Customisation

Multitude of options to create a personalised platform experience

  • Users can customise their dashboard using a variety of built-in and third-party widgets so they can see the information most important to them.
  • These re-arrangeable widgets include system conversation insights and trends, project tasks, and engine status.
  • A dark mode setting and the ability to select a platform language independent of the knowledgebase content’s language is available

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