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Empower employees with the right tools, instant access to personalised resources, immediate responses to queries and interactions in their native language

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Happy Employees have access to personalised information, tools and resources

V-Person for Employees delivers productivity, efficiency and job satisfaction

Meet the needs of a flexible workforce of any time, anywhere working ensuring happy, engaged and productive employees

Remote working and work from home is now a normal scenario.  This has changed working hours beyond the conventional 8 to 5 working day.

Employees need access to round the clock IT support, for example, to get instant resolutions.

Standard queries will have immediate attention whatever the time of day, and whatever the native language of the employee ensuring their issue is resolved in a human way.
Our V-Person for employees serves employees on their terms, in their language and in a human way

Correctly answer employee questions and fulfilling requests instantly – saving time, avoiding frustration and improving productivity

Enable employees to use their time engaged in productive, value-based activities.

Eliminating time intensive searches for information, having to wait for answers to queries, and frustration from receiving generic rather than relevant answers, employees will be happier, more productive and fulfilled employees.

Our V-Person employee provides personalised, relevant responses fast – and with a smile.

Engage employees in high-value activities and complex tasks requiring uniquely human knowledge and empathy - ensuring job satisfaction through challenging and rewarding work

Letting technology do the leg work with the automation of repetitive and routine tasks – faster and more efficiently than is possible for any human.

Freeing employees from low-value, high demand tasks frees their time for high-value activities and to use their talent

Provide support in an employee’s native language and increase productivity, operate an inclusive business, and make employees feel they belong.

Employees are more productive and feel more comfortable interacting in their native language even if they are multi-lingual.

In todays’ multicultural, multilingual world, with global organisations spanning many countries and regions communicating in an employee’s native language enables a more productive workforce.

Our V-Person for employees provides support in 43 languages.

Creating a workplace that supports employees and ensures work is a great experience is more important than ever. Organisations must provide employees with the right digital tools that value their time and make their life easier. By doing so organisations will improve productivity and operate a more efficient business. 

Deliver personalised support by understanding the context of an employee’s needs

Our V-Person for employees has built-in AI and NLP, and also leverages large language models, enabling context and sentiment understanding. This enables the exact nature of an employee’s query to be immediately identified and the most appropriate response given.

The personalisation and contextualisation of our V-Person for employees ensures employees receive the right answer, in the right way, with the right tone.

Enable a more efficient and productive workforce with a company-wide connected data ecosystem

Our V-Person for employees brings together disparate and siloed data from across a business, and enables integration with all applications and external sources.

Our V-Person solution delivers the information requested directly to an employee – having automatically checked permissions and access levels of the employee.

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The help every employee wants, when they need it

Our V-Person for employees:

Has unlimited customisation options by channel, product, business unit, user profile and device.

Integrates into an organisation’s existing communication systems.

Complements technology systems and processes already in place.

Easy integration with Single-Sign-On (SSO), ticketing systems, knowledge management platforms, employee profiles, voice systems, live-chat systems, call back and other third-party databases.

Can be hosted on-premise, in private cloud or cloud.

Delivers personalised experiences based on information unique to each user with no extra effort needed from employees.

Seamless handover from Virtual Agent to Human- Assisted options – such as live chat or call back when needed.

Instant, accurate, always available

66% of HR executives believe that chatbots deliver substantial value when it comes to employee engagement.

69% of executives rate personalised employee experiences via Chatbots as a high priority.

Happy Employees and better corporate cultures

Bringing together the best human talent and the power of technology capability

The flexibility of our V-Person for employees enables a number of uses:


IT Support

Help desk requests, system access and password resets, application support


Employee Onboarding

First day information, document completion, information needed to quickly and easily integrate into the company so employees can perform their role


HR Support

Company policies/procedures, support, time-off requests, payroll questions, expense report assistance


Role Support

Customer-facing employee support, staff training, in-branch support, product guides, device/machine support, personalised recommendations, advice

Conversational AI Solutions: Empowering employees so they can do what they do best

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