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Whitepapers, Reports & Infographics

Our collection of whitepapers, reports and infographics below are great resources for learning more about customer engagement technologies, getting tips for improving your customer experience, and reading about industry best practices.

[Whitepaper] AI, Chatbots and Virtual Agents: The Threat to Mankind and the Contact Centre

Academic and industry experts are warning about the dangers of AI – predicting everything from a huge loss of jobs to the end of the human race. But what does this really mean for mankind and the contact centre? This whitepaper discusses the warnings about AI, the inflated expectations for chatbots created by unrealistic promises in the marketplace, and the reality of using these technologies in the contact centre and for automated self-service.

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[Guide] The Future of the Contact Centre: The Transitioning Role of Agents to Knowledge Experts

Technology is altering the way customers engage with brands and increasing their demands for instant 24/7 customer service. The traditional model for call centres and contact centres is no longer providing the experience customers are coming to expect. This guide discusses the changes contact centres are facing and how live agents taking on the role of knowledge experts benefits organisations, customers and the agents.

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[Whitepaper] Virtual Agents and Chatbots and Avatars – confusing or what!

Confused about whether you need a chatbot or a virtual agent or a virtual customer assistant? There have been lots of different names given to automated conversational systems over the years which has created confusion within the customer service space. This whitepaper explores the names and terminology, the technology behind chatbots and how to select a tool that’s right for your company and your customers.

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[Checklist] Choosing a Virtual Agent Solution for Instant Messaging Platforms and SMS

The increasing popularity of messaging platforms, SMS, chatbots and other social communications is impacting the way we want to communicate with brands, opening up new opportunities for organisations to engage customers on platforms such as Facebook Messenger and WeChat. Here are five essential questions to ask when choosing a virtual agent solution for customer self-service on instant messaging platforms and SMS.

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[Analyst Report] Creative Virtual V-Person: Delivering Personalised Answers to Customers’ Questions

The Patricia Seybold Group, a strategic advisory service for customer-centric executives, evaluated our V-Person technology for a second time against a rigorous set of customer-focused criteria important to organisations that want to improve customer experience, increase brand loyalty and reduce customer support costs in this independent analyst report.

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