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Conversations create relationships


Our V-Person chatbot, virtual agent, voicebot and live chat technology is built with a user-first approach.


Customer and employee conversations and interactions can take place when, where and how the user chooses.


Embedded flexibility enables the V-Person chatbot, virtual agent, voicebot and live chat to communicate in the voice of a brand’s personality.


Everything communicated is real-time with pre-vetting for accuracy taking less than a micro-second, ensuring customers and employees are immediately served and always get the right response.

V-Person: making life easier for customers and employees

Channel of choice

Web, mobile, social media, messaging apps, voice, IVR, smart speakers, IoT, kiosks, contact centre, company intranets, HR, and service desk

Directly relevant conversations through unlimited customisation

By channel, product, business unit, user profile and device

Always understood - whatever the language

Conversational support available in 43 languages with guaranteed accuracy of 95%+

Always accessible and available - whatever the platform or channel

Be present with the customer or employee on their channel or platform of choice at any moment, switching seamlessly as necessary 24x7

Private and personal

Built-in security and authorisation for personalised transactional conversations

V-Person: always relevant, always up-to-date, always accurate

Fully integrated feedback loops to enable live agents to feed the continuous improvement of self-service.

A blended formula of natural language processing (NLP), machine learning and leveraging large language models ensuring continuous updating, reliability and use of the most current content.

Continuously updated and reviewed knowledgebase, ensuring most up to date and appropriate responses at any given time.

We understand that every business is different

With Creative Virtual businesses have options.
Where our V-Person solutions are hosted is up to you.



Private Cloud

A variety of support options are also available:

Fully managed service from Creative Virtual

Fully managed service from one of our partners

Managed in-house

Hybrid service of managed and in-house

With every option you always benefit from the localised support and international insights of our expert team.

V-Person: enabling better business performance

Better customer and employee experiences
Increased productivity
Reduced costs
Faster response times
Rich customer insights
More accurate and up to date content
Greater efficiencies
Enhanced reputation

V-Person: putting people first

Virtual Agents and Live Agents working together as a team

Self-service virtual agents can seamlessly escalate users to a real agent.

Simply set customisable rules and triggers to make this happen.

The complete conversation history is passed seamlessly from the virtual agent to a live agent.

As part of the handover, all information seamlessly moves to the live agent and is immediately accessible for uninterrupted continuation of the conversation.

Automatic presentation of responses found in the virtual agent knowledgebase.

Responses presented to live chat agents in real time as customers ask questions.

Empower live agents with answer options

Automatically offer answer options which could be shared as it appears, an edited version or their own typed response.

Share knowledge real-time to help the virtual agent and to have content that is always accurate

Agents can share feedback on content to improve the virtual agent experience and keep content up to date.

Working as a team, V-Person and Live Agents deliver real business value

Proven deflection rates of up to 80%
Reduction in call handling times of up to 40%
ROI in less than 12 months
Over 50% reduction in live chat contacts