Content Expectations

Accurate. Relevant. Helpful. Concise. Immediate. Any content that we seek out needs to be all these things and more. It must also be trustworthy, consumable and relatable. 

We all have expectations about the content that we receive. When we engage with a brand, we expect that what we are told, the information that is shared with us, and what we are shown, meets all these descriptions. We also expect to be able to source content from brands on any communication platform of choice and for it to be presented in the most relevant format. 

Conversational AI

More and more brands are adopting conversational AI solutions as a reliable, effective and appropriate way to engage with their customers who want immediate, anytime, anywhere interactions. Brands that provide the right information, effective communication and are easy to do business with, are going to be more successful than those who don’t. 

Customers no longer think it acceptable to have to search and find answers, or read through pages and pages of text, or have to try and decipher which of two bits of conflicting information from the same company is correct. At the core of any conversational AI solution should be the transformation of all brand content to be organised and structured, and able to be delivered in a personalised, customised and concise way for each and every customer. 

Workbench by V-Studio 

With brands under increasing pressure to meet and exceed customer expectations, and to compete effectively, making sense of all the content that a brand has and ensuring it is available in a way that is relevant to each customer at any point in time, is not just a priority but is, in today’s customer experience economy, a business critical imperative. 

This is where Workbench – a feature within Creative Virtual’s V-Studio platform – comes into play. Workbench takes the hassle out of making sense of content. It makes content usable for generative and conversational AI, and brands can guarantee that the information they share is up to date, accurate and reliable. 

Workbench workings

Workbench does all the work to enable the ethical and responsible application of AI for content sharing. It is a fully automated feature that is driven by humans and gives brands’ control of the content that they share and make available. 

Using V-Studio’s Workbench feature a brand can easily ‘ingest’ content from any source it indicates. For example, a brand can issue the features in the workbench to ingest all the content from its website or any document type.  In short, a brand can issue instructions to capture a website’s entire content, subsets of content, or different document types, e.g. PDF, Powerpoint, Word, etc. It will process the sites and documents and bring the content into the Workbench. 

It’s time for Workbench

The full automation of sourcing, collating, organising and structuring information takes a matter of seconds or minutes. Doing the same task manually would take days or even weeks. The time savings are significant and enables brands to be able to always provide customers with up to date information, as Workbench does the heavy lifting or organisation quickly, at the same time ensuring the most stringent safeguards are in place to co​​ntrol the AI. 

Workbenching and Large Language Models

Workbench in V-Studio connects to all major large and local language models to ensure that brands can utilise their LLM of choice when wanting to use generative AI as part of their conversational AI solution. 

The content organised and structured within V-Studio’s Workbench is the content source that will be used when generative AI is used, enabling only brand verified information to be shared. This gives brands the confidence of content accuracy and avoids any brand damage that could be caused by ‘hallucinations’, when generative AI from unverified or contradictory sources are used. 

Safeguards, privacy and security

The content brought onto the Workbench automatically adopts the safeguarding, privacy and security policies and protocols set for a brand. Additional safeguarding and security rules can also be added specifically to the Workbench. 

The security, privacy and safeguarding policies that are embedded into the entire V-Studio platform are always active, however a brand can add any additional protocols to align to their company’s risk and compliance policies. 

Workbench : balancing speed, accuracy and responsible AI

Creative Virtual’s workbench by V-Studio does what it says on the pack. It is a single work space (the Workbench) in a single location (V-Studio) that does all the heavy lifting when it comes to gathering and sorting content to be used for controlled generative and conversational AI solutions.

It is a highly automated process saving businesses tens if not hundreds of hours of manual work, yet still ensures that humans remain in control. Workbench enables brands to always be sharing accurate, up to date information.  

Workbench ensures brands can satisfy the contrasting demands for accurate, convenient and immediate information with ethical and responsible use of AI and extract real business value from doing so. Workbench delivers operational efficiencies, time savings, and better customer experiences. 

To see how Workbench works, book a demonstration with one of our consultants.