Creative Virtual, a world leader in conversational AI for customer and employee engagement, share their industry expertise in a new whitepaper on chatbot and virtual agent pricing. The ‘Guide to Enterprise Conversational AI Pricing: Calculating the Cost of a Successful Chatbot or Virtual Agent’ is a manual designed to give organisations a realistic understanding of the financial commitment needed to implement and maintain a successful solution.

Conversational AI tools, including chatbots and virtual agents, are growing in popularity as customers increasingly prefer digital self-service options. Today’s conversational AI market provides buyers with a wide range of technology options from basic do-it-yourself platforms to fully integrated, scalable solutions. However, most of these technologies are not designed to be true enterprise-level solutions, offering a lower price point that reflects a less effective tool.

This guide walks readers step-by-step through budgeting for an enterprise solution, typical pricing models, average costs for pilots and full systems, and calculating the return on investment (ROI). It delves into the dangers of underfunding a project, the importance of building a realistic business case, and the necessity of selecting a conversational AI vendor that will share the initial financial risk.

“The conversational AI market is oversaturated with solutions that do not deliver the level of sophistication, flexibility, and customisation needed for a well-performing enterprise solution,” says Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO of Creative Virtual. “These tools come with a lower price tag but end up negatively impacting the organisation’s bottom line by harming the customer experience and eroding customer loyalty. This expert guide pulls back the curtain on enterprise-level pricing to empower organisations with the knowledge they need to properly budget and evaluate costs of conversational AI solutions.”

Solve the mystery of enterprise-level pricing by downloading the new ‘Guide to Enterprise Conversational AI Pricing: Calculating the Cost of a Successful Chatbot or Virtual Agent’.