Improve the customer experience, build brand loyalty and increase sales with our omnichannel customer engagement solutions.

In today’s competitive marketplace, customer experience has become a key differentiator for organisations. Businesses must have a strategy that provides seamless, cohesive and personalised messaging across channels so, no matter how customers choose to engage with your company, you can be sure they are receiving reliable information and support every time.

Our technology gives you the unique ability to curate your company’s knowledge, then create, manage and deploy content for each channel via a single platform. Backed by an experienced and expert team, Creative Virtual’s solutions combine advanced technologies in knowledge management, natural language processing and virtual assistants to help organisations meet the challenges specific to their industry.

Select your industry below to learn how our powerful omnichannel solutions can help you deliver exceptional customer experiences through every interaction.


Praat met een V-Person

Quark staat altijd klaar om te helpen bij het vinden van antwoorden op uw vragen.

Begin met praten


Ontsnap aan Standaard Kantooruren met On-Demand Oplossingen voor Contact


Lever Persoonlijke, Accurate en Consistente Ondersteuning op Alle Kanalen


Geef Klanten Contactmogelijkheden die Passen bij hun Drukke Levensstijlen


Biedt Real-Time Toegang tot Reisinformatie en Ondersteuning


Creëer een Naadloze Omnichannel Winkelervaring voor Uw Klanten


Verbeter de Kwaliteit en Gemak van Diensten met Directe Toegang tot Informatie

Goede Doelen

Deel Accurate en Consistente Informatie met Lage Kosten

With our omnichannel engagement solutions, organisations can:

  • Deliver accurate, consistent and personalised information across channels
  • Enable customers to move seamlessly from one service channel to another
  • Offer self-service options that reduce call, email and live chat interactions
  • Support live agents and reduce average call handling times within the contact centre
  • Provide agents and other staff with immediate access to internal guides and handbooks
  • Deliver significant cost reductions with ROI in typically less than 12 months
  • Gain better insight into customer behaviour with advanced business intelligence reporting
  • Improve the customer experience, build brand loyalty and increase sales