Björn Gülsdorff

bjornHead of Business Development

Björn Gülsdorff started out as a physicist with a graduate degree in quantum gravity. Having confirmed the joyful fact that the energy in the Universe is positive, he then set out to do something more hands-on. At that time, Theoretical Neuroscience qualified. Somehow this journey ended slap bang in the middle of the dotcom bubble, with Björn leading a team of knowledge engineers and then, as Managing Director, leading the company into profitability. Involved in natural language based self-service from the beginning of the millennium, he has since then worked in the trade from Sales to Delivery to Product Management. He joined Creative Virtual in early in 2013 as Head of Business Development. In this role he supports partners worldwide, taking home their feedback and challenges to the Product team. Outside work, you have a good chance of finding him preparing wine classes or rehearsing a play.


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