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Delivering real business value

Conversational AI for better business performance

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Conversational AI Inside

Every industry can benefit from conversational AI.  We have implemented our V-Person chatbot, voicebot, virtual agent and live chat solutions across a wide range of industries including Financial Services, Telecommunications, Retail, Transportation, Utilities, Healthcare, Charities and Government.

Our conversational AI solutions integrate into a business’s process, systems and applications to ensure a fully connected conversational AI ecosystem.

Creative Virtual’s V-Person and V-Studio


Maximise the power of data


Deliver hyper-personalised experiences to all users


Achieve better business results


One of Australia’s largest superannuation funds by membership (2 million members) and with 160,000 employees.

In 2016, Rest became the first Australian superannuation fund to service members’ enquiries online 24/7 with the launch of Roger, a virtual agent.

Catering to a large member base of digital natives, providing round the clock support, and via multiple channels was critical. And with the majority of their members beginning their experience with the company on the website, Rest wanted their site to meet the needs of a digital savvy generation. 

Providing a Virtual Agent on their website was designed to provide an enriched experience and:

  • Increase engagement with a customer base of digital natives
  • Provide members with 24/7 support in their channel of choice with 0 FTE (full time equivalent) cost
  • Better understand the customer experience to uncover pain points

To learn more about Rest’s Virtual Agent Roger, including the solution’s seamless integration with live chat, contact us and have a chat.

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Telecommunications Company

Integrating data for personalised  conversational support

This large Telecommunications Company had prioritised the customer experience and turned to conversational AI to:

  • Provide a better user experience for online help
  • Reduce the number of calls made to the contact centre
  • Improve reporting for better customer insights

As part of their vendor selection process, they set a challenge: 24 hours to build a working integration with their existing content repository. Our experienced and expert team delivered on this, excelling in terms of quality, deployment and time. 

To learn more about this integration and how the Telecommunications Company is reaching their goals by using our V-Person virtual agent contact us.

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Multinational Financial Services Group

One of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations, uses Creative Virtual’s V-Person and V-Studio solutions to deliver customer support that is:

  • Customised
  • Personalised
  • Language aligned
  • Culturally sensitive

Since the implementation of a single virtual agent in 2009, our partnership has expanded with V-Person solutions now deployed:

  • Across multiple business divisions 
  • In 17 countries on 4 continents around the world 

The financial services provider had two priority objectives:

  • Improve the user experience
  • Reduce calls to the contact centre. 

To learn more about how our V-Person is delivering better customer and employee experiences, and has improved the organisations’ operational performance contact us.

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Healthcare Provider

Using conversational AI to provide online patient support came into its own in 2020. 

Providing the best possible online patient support during the Covid-19 crisis was the priority for this healthcare provider. Time was not a luxury.

Creative Virtual’s agile approach and expert team:

  • Built and launched a chatbot for the Provider’s website in 2 weeks
  • Embedded monitoring of the conversational data and used it real-time to improve and expand the tool
  • Enabled the Provider to share the most up-to-date accurate information
  • Relieved the Provider’s Help Desk from the increased enquires 
  • Designed a Help Desk virtual agent that integrated with Live Chat

To learn more about how this provider was able to provide better patient support during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic with conversational AI solutions contact us. 

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Age UK

The UK’s largest charity for older people

Age UK is using conversational AI technology to:

  • “>Give its website users a better experience 
  • Support its Advice Line advisors
  • Provide user choice with web and mobile interfaces

Using our V-Person solution, Age UK has:

  1. Improved discoverability of a large amount of online content
  2. Given people more ways to easily interact with and find information
  3. Reduced Advice Line call by resolving easy-to-answer queries online 
  4. Proactively begun testing new innovations to better meet the charity’s goals

To learn more about Age UK’s successful virtual agent contact us.

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Real Business Results

Connecting and empowering our customers to thrive is at the very heart of what we do at Rest. Our Virtual Agent Roger has opened up yet another channel for our customers to engage and receive service from us. We’re excited about the insights we’re gaining to better understand and further support our customers to achieve their goals.

General Manager, Customer Service, Rest

By providing quick, easy access to Get Safe Online’s vast online information resources and removing the need for users to telephone us directly, our V-Person solution has enabled us to provide a great experience within the budget constraints of our not-for-profit organisation.

Chief Executive, Get Safe Online

We searched the market and decided that the Virtual Assistant was the best tool to help us improve the customer experience. “It feels like we’re getting an insight into the people not the clicks.

Customer Experience Manager, Lloyds Banking Group