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Every customer deserves individual attention

Personalised conversations at scale

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Providing the support customers want

With our conversational AI V-Person and V-Studio you can provide the support your customers actually want.

What does your customer need? 

Advice or a recommendation?

Update personal information?

Buy or return a product?

Subscribe or cancel a service?

More Information?

Answer to a question?

Book an appointment?

Pay a bill?

Check a balance?

Know a status?

Complete administrative tasks?

Customers expect instant gratification to all of these tasks

Importantly they want personalisation and accurate answers faster and easier than ever before

They want real-time answers and actions, and do not want the hassle of filling out forms, sending an email or waiting to get simple answers

V-Person and V-Studio make life easy for customers. Whatever they need to do can be done quickly, efficiently, instantly and at their convenience. Whenever and where ever they want.

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71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalised interactions.

65% of consumers feel comfortable handling an issue without a human agent.

69% of consumers prefer to use chatbots because they provide instant responses.

Customer-First Conversational AI

Consistency across contact channels and devices

Always up to date information with automated content updates

Step by step troubleshooting instructions – in multiple formats (text, video)

Personalised responses for logged-in and authenticated users in walled areasc

Reduction in contact centre volumes

Step by step guidance and instruction for completion of forms, applications and sales process

Customer service in users preferred language (43 available languages)

Data analytics and rich actionable insights to know what customers really need

24/7 intelligent self-service options across multiple touchpoints

With V-Person and V-Studio your customers receive the service they expect – personalised, fast, human and on their terms. At the same time your business benefits from greater operational efficiencies, reduced cost to serve, enhanced reputation, increased sales, customer loyalty and advocacy.

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Integrated into the Customer Experience Ecosystem

The flexible design of V-Person and V-Studio complement the systems and processes a business already has in place.

Seamless integration with applications, platforms, systems and process ensures customers receive a truly personalised experience.

Deploy virtual agents across any channel – including web, mobile, social media, messaging apps, voice, IVR, smart speakers, IoT, Metaverse and kiosks – from a single knowledgebase

Seamless handover from the virtual agent to human-assisted options, such as live chat or call back

Hosting on-premise, in the cloud or in a private cloud to meet your security and data privacy and sovereignty requirements

Flexible integration options, unlimited customisation by channel, product, business unit, user profile and device, and conversational capabilities in 43 languages

Options for a fully managed service, manage your solution in-house, or a combination of both

Book a demo of our V-Studio and see how we can help you deliver better customer experiences designed for personalisation, accuracy, scale and convenience.

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