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The power of partnership

Humans and Conversational AI delivering better employee and customer experiences

We work with a network of partners around the world who understand our V-Person and V-Studio conversational AI products. Our partners are as committed as us to helping businesses deliver better customer and employee experiences.

We are always open to extending our partner network especially as innovative conversational AI solutions that deliver real business value are vital for businesses serious about their customers and employees.

We have adopted a fully collaborative model when working with our partnership network.

Our partnership programme is centred around three key pillars:

Onboarding & Ongoing Training

Knowledge transfer is an ongoing process and we engage in formal and informal learning opportunities. We have tailored programmes to help with sales and marketing efforts as well as a full suite of resources.  We provide product and platform training, and have regular events to update teams on the latest news, product developments, and industry trends.

Collaborative Working for Shared Success

We want you to be successful, as that means we are successful. To make this happen we have sales and marketing collateral to help you. We want you to have the necessary information and the confidence to tell customers about our products and platform and how they deliver real business value.  We will accompany you to customer visits if you wish and make our engineering and product teams available.

Technology Expertise & Relationships

Every team member at Creative Virtual is an expert in their field. We have a deep understanding of the entire conversational AI ecosystem – both the software and infrastructure layers.  We understand the power of integrations and interlocks and ensure our product seamlessly works within business processes and systems already in place.  We build relationships on honesty, integrity and trust and always deliver on our promises.  We work collaboratively to ensure the best possible outcomes and provide all the support you need, as well as ensuring we are always transferring knowledge.

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