Creative Virtual, a world leader in conversational AI for customer and employee engagement, has partnered with Service Management Group (SMG) to deliver an industry-first dynamic assistance capability. This integrated offering helps brands identify and address friction points, provide in-the-moment issue resolution, and increase conversion rates.

Conversational AI is an important piece of digital customer experience (CX) strategies, delivering personalised, smart support tools. Creative Virtual’s V-Person chatbot and virtual agent solutions utilise an industry-leading blend of machine learning and natural language rules to create conversational and reliable self-service experiences for customers across contact channels. The flexibility of the technology allows for unlimited integration and customisation options.

Dynamic assistance integrates V-Person conversational AI with SMG’s digital experience solution to deliver real-time support to users as they encounter issues during their online purchasing journey. The offering gives brands the capability to point customers to a customised chatbot to address conversion challenges as they occur. This creates better digital experiences that result in increased conversion rates and improved customer engagements.

“We are excited to be partnering with SMG on this powerful new capability,” says Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO of Creative Virtual. “Dynamic assistance enables brands to leverage the flexibility of V-Person conversational AI to provide instant, contextual support at the exact moment help is needed. This can turn a possible purchase-ending issue into a positive experience and completed sale.”

To learn more about the integrated dynamic assistance capability, download the solution overview or request a demo.