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Innovation Excellence Leader in Conversational AI

AIxOutlook 2022 Best Practice Research

In a crowded and competitive conversational AI market, Creative Virtual emerges as the clear Innovation Excellence Leader. Their well-established track record of innovation and expertise in the industry comes from their delivery of highly integrated, personalised solutions that provide superior customer and employee experiences and real business value.

Leader in Conversational AI

ISG Provider LensTM Quadrant Report – Intelligent Automation – Solutions & Services 2021

Creative Virtual is an established vendor with a focus on developing omnichannel virtual agent solutions and building and leveraging knowledgebases It is a leader in this space.

Mrinal Rai, Principal Analyst at ISG.

Product Leader 

Frost & Sullivan 2019 report on AI-Enhanced Self-Service Solutions

Frost and Sullivan appreciates the way that Creative Virtual reminds enterprises that the guidance of an experienced strategic partner is essential.
For instance, while most organisations realise the need to apply AI and machine learning to their customer experience initiatives, Creative Virtual stresses the need to be smart about the choices the client makes. Their expert team helps clients chart a more thoughtful course through the confusing set of options in the industry today.

Stephen Loynd, Global Program Director, Digital Transformation Practice at Frost & Sullivan.