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Conversational AI powered contact centers enable better agent and customer experiences

Our V-Person for contact centers supports and complements human agents.  Whatever the communication channel (phone, email, social media, SMS, messaging apps, live chat) used for customer support, the information an agent needs to serve the customer is delivered to their screen instantaneously, without them having to search for it.

V-Person for contact centers also provides additional resource capability to complement human agents, providing customers with a personalized, quick and accurate service at scale, when and where the customer wants.

Our conversational AI powered V-person understands humans, is available 24×7, always communicates in a brand’s personality, and is able to respond to customer queries faster than any human is capable.

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Increase efficiency and productivity with solutions that support agents

With our V-Person and V-Studio the contact center is transformed into an experience center where relationships are developed

The right information is provided automatically to the agent when they need it

Agent always on the front foot with seamless handover from virtual agent with full conversation available immediately

Agents focus on high value and rewarding interactions, with automation taking care of repetitive time consuming requests

Reduced administrative tasks using ChatGPT to automate call summaries, agent ratings, customer satisfaction ratings in both voice and text scenarios

Customizable dashboard for access to the right tools and real-time updates

Real-time guiding through processes, procedures, applications and other forms step by step

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64% of customer service agents who utilize AI chatbots are able to spend most of their time solving difficult cases.

Virtual customer assistants help organizations reduce call, chat, and email inquiries by 70%.

57% of executives said that chatbots bring significant ROI with minimal effort.

One effortless experience

Personalized conversations at scale, understanding context and with brand voice

Consistency across multiple contact centers and communication channels

Virtual Agents are always online to assist customer (24x7)

Automatic triggers for handover to a human agent with agreed rules

Complete conversation history handover from virtual agent to human agent

Human agents automatically presented with responses found in virtual agent knowledge base as customers ask questions

Agent empowered with options to either respond with answer suggested, edit answer or provide different answer

Virtual and Human Agents working as a team

Human agents provide real-time feedback on content, improving virtual agent responses and ensuring constant accuracy of content

Provide support in a customer’s preferred language

Maximizing the value of your contact center

Our conversational AI solutions help maximize the investments already made in your contact center, delivering improved customer and employee satisfaction and driving growth.

V-Person and V-Studio seamlessly bring together all the elements that make for a great customer experience into a single managed ecosystem to create and deliver great customer conversations and interactions.

All content sources and AI systems brought together in one place

Centralized knowledge management control center for customer facing and contact center agents

Blending Natural Language Processing (NLP), human curation of content, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine comprehension

Seamless, personalized conversations optimised for each delivery channel

Customizable permissions and workflows to create, approve and publish content

Conversational analytics generated and analysed real-time enabling actionable feedback data and reports

Better understand customer needs and preferences for tailored marketing efforts

Deliver on customer demands of convenience and accuracy with 24x7, multimodal access

Customer choice – virtual or human agent

Virtual Agent designed to meet the specific needs of the contact center and the brand

Log-in and authentication, for security and data compliance

Integrate with existing systems, processes, applications and platforms improve utilisation of current technology