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Trusting the Artificial Intelligence

by Chris Ezekiel, CEO and Founder It’s a year since ChatGPT exploded into the mainstream, grabbing headlines worldwide and bringing AI into mass consciousness. As a conversational AI company, we have been tracking and testing Artificial Intelligence (AI) models, of which there are many, for over three years. Nevertheless, when OpenAI showcased the capabilities of […]

Talking Conversational AI

By Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO In 2003, motivated by a vision of a time when “conversations powered by computers would transform the world”, I founded Creative Virtual. Over these past 20 years we have constantly been at the forefront of developing innovative conversational AI solutions that address real business issues and deliver real business […]

Human Hallucinations

By Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO There are so many organisations having their say on ChatGPT, but not everything that is being said should be taken at face value. Companies wondering how they will be able to best leverage large language models (LLMs) – whether that be GPT, LaMDA, Galactica, Megatron-Turing or any other model […]

The changing face of Chatbots

By Maria Ward, Knowledgebase Engineer and Account Manager We would all do well to heed the warning “with great power comes great responsibility,” when it comes to ChatGPT.  Today, industries of all sizes are making use of AI chatbots, voicebots and virtual assistants to great effect in delivering better customer and employee experiences. Consumers the […]

There’s more to GPT than the ChatGPT headlines

By Chris Ezekiel, Founder and CEO AI attention over the past couple of months has been quite astounding.  Especially considering that it has been part of our every-day lives for so long already.  Face-ID to open our mobile phones – AI.  Social media – AI.  Voice Assistants like Siri and Alexa – AI.  Route mapping […]

Multi-channel is very 2010-ish – Bots are multi-purpose these days

By Björn Gülsdorff In the annals of KAUST (King Abdul University of Science and Technology), the 21st of May 2020 is marked as the day of the soft launch of VITA (called KAI back then), the university’s VA (Virtual Assistant); knowledgeable in many things IT related. VITA asks for username or KAUST ID at the beginning, […]

A recent trip to CCW 2023, Berlin

By Björn Gülsdorff CCW is the “international conference and trade show for innovative customer dialogue”, which is a bit bulky a title, but much better than the original ”CallCenterWorld” which is no longer a good fit. Unfortunately, this is now easily confused with ContactCenterWorld, also called CCW. But I managed to get to the right event to […]

The Overlooked Feature of GPT : Vectorisation

By Olaf Voß, Lead Application Designer These days everyone is stunned by the generative power of the GPT models, including myself. However, today I want to discuss a GPT feature that is largely overlooked in media coverage: the embeddings endpoint in the OpenAI API. This feature ‘translates’ any text into a 1536-dimensional numerical vector. Personally, […]