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Chatbot Buyer’s Guide: Benefits of Collaborating with a Conversational AI Specialist

This Chatbot Buyer’s Guide walks you through the key differences between a solution from a conversational AI specialist and the most common ‘add-on bots’ from live chat, contact centre, and CRM vendors on the market today.

It includes a bonus quick comparison chart highlighting the most important capabilities to evaluate when making a purchasing decision.

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AIxOutlook Best Practice Research: Conversational Intelligence Innovation Excellence in Conversational AI

The analysts at AIxOutlook, a part of Sceptertech Digital, share an in-depth independent evaluation of the conversational AI industry and benchmark vendors’ performance against competitors to identify market leaders. 

The report includes an assessment of the global market, major vendors, and current technology developments and trends.

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Conversational AI Issues & Solutions: Transforming Ineffective Chatbot & Virtual Agent Projects

Do you have a virtual agent or chatbot that’s not performing as expected, can’t be scaled as your business grows, or doesn’t properly reflect your brand? This eBook takes a closer look at these and other common issues that can negatively impact conversational AI projects, explaining ways to solve those challenges and transform your project into a successful and valuable solution.

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Conversational AI Doesn’t Have to be a Risky Investment

For many companies, proven and reliable results are more important than being innovative and flashy when securing approval for CX projects. 

Deploying conversational AI solutions like chatbots and virtual agents can seem risky but doesn’t have to be. 

This checklist provides three steps to help you join other savvy companies in taking advantage of the proven, reliable benefits of this technology while minimising your risk.

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ISG Provider Lens™ Intelligent Automation – Solutions & ServicesConversational AI Quadrant

Leading global technology research and advisory firm ISG evaluates Conversational AI vendors against a robust set of market-driven criteria in this ISG Provider Lens Quadrant Report. 

The independent study provides comparisons of Conversational AI provider strengths, challenges, and competitive differentiators.

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Guide to Selecting a Virtual Agent or Chatbot Vendor: Forget the Technology & Focus on Experience

Digital self-service has risen to the top of must-have lists, and AI-powered virtual agents and chatbots are the perfect tools for providing it. However, when selecting a vendor you should forget about the technology and focus on skills and experience. 

Learn why in this whitepaper featuring expert tips from industry insiders.

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Conversational AI Trends 2020, featuring Conversational AI Success Stories During Times of Pandemic

This eBook from AI Time Journal takes a look at the biggest conversational AI trends and emerging use cases across industries. 

It also explores how the global pandemic has highlighted ways conversational virtual agents can be leveraged to turn a challenge into an opportunity through a series of conversational AI success stories.

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Creating a 20/20 Vision for Your Employee Self-Service Strategy

Supporting employees is more important than ever for organisations. For many, it’s also become more challenging than ever as they adapt to an increased remote workforce and evolving digital strategy. 

Here are three steps and successful use cases to help you with crafting and implementing your customised employee digital self-service strategy.

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The Virtual Insurance Agent

Insurance companies face the growing challenge of delivering personalised digital support for their policyholders and agents. 

This whitepaper from Insurance Thought Leadership explores how conversational AI is enabling insurance companies to improve their customer experience while slashing costs. These solutions can also improve agent productivity, alleviate pressure on busy contact centres, reduce customer churn, and increase revenue.

Guide to Enterprise Conversational AI Pricing: Calculating the Cost of a Successful Chatbot or Virtual Agent

How much does an enterprise conversational AI tool with the right level of sophistication, flexibility, and customisation really cost? 

This guide walks you through budgeting for a solution, typical pricing models for technology and consultation, average costs for pilots and full systems, and calculating your ROI.