The way an organisation approaches and views conversational AI will determine the extent of its success in delivering real business value.

The path to conversational AI success must, therefore, start with an internal reckoning and deep interrogation of what an organisation actually wants to achieve when implementing a conversational AI solution. Jumping on a trend or ticking a box to be able to say ‘we use conversational AI’ without knowing why, what, how and who for will inevitably lead to disappointment.

Working with an experienced conversational AI provider and their team of experts in UI, conversation design and dialogue management, infrastructure architecture, knowledge management, and who understand the role of large language models (LLMs), to name a few of the specialisms required to build an effective conversational AI solution, will ensure that your conversational AI solution plays a transformational role in shaping customer and employee experiences, operational effectiveness and financial health.

The five important considerations when either initially embarking on a conversational AI journey, or wanting to improve the business value you are getting from an already implemented conversational AI solution, to ask yourself are:

  1. Do you see conversational AI as strategic, operational or tactical?
    1. Is conversational AI being considered to solve specific pain points or as an enabler to achieve strategic transformation?
  1. Do you know the business issues you want to address and the end-user experience you want to deliver using a conversational AI solution?
    1. What are the end-user issues you want to address with conversational AI?
  1. Does your conversational AI partner have domain and industry specific expertise and experience?
    1. How can your partner ensure the implementation of controlled AI (integration of humans and the conversational AI)?
    2. What processes are in place to ensure ethical and responsible use of AI, and adherence to data privacy and security requirements?
  1. Does the conversational AI platform have the flexibility and scalability to deliver a multitude of conversational AI use cases, and provide enterprise-grade security and compliance?
    1. How agile is the platform architecture to allow for real time updating and changes to meet the every changing user demands?
  1. Does the conversational AI platform and solution enable greater utilisation and return on current investments through integration capability and data unification?
    1. What are your integration requirements to ensure that conversational AI is leveraged throughout an organisation for maximum return and seamlessly integrates internal and external business and operational systems?
    2. Can your provider capture the conversational information to harness intelligence to shape better, more engaging relationships with customers?

Creative Virtual has been helping organisations deliver better experiences for over 20 years. Our consultative approach combined with our award-winning V-PersonTM technology, powering our V-StudioTM platform, enables us to guarantee that the conversational AI solutions we develop, design and implement will deliver real business value. We have the recognition and awards to support this.

If you want to talk to us about your conversational AI requirements, or simply want to take a virtual tour inside our V-Studio platform and see how we create the most successful conversational AI solutions available today then contact us to arrange a demo.