We’ve all read the horror stories about ChatGPT. The bizarre, dangerous, outrageous, funny or clever responses it has spouted have made us either chuckle, gasp, recoil, nod or shrug. We have also been mightily impressed by what it can do; its speed, self-learning, and range of skills – problem solving, creative writing, code writing, content summarization.

Ensuring data security

As with all things online, the issue of security is not far behind any mention of ChatGPT or anything to do with AI. Every business looking to deploy conversational AI solutions, especially those that leverage generative AI, is wise to ask:

  • How safe is our data?
  • How trustworthy is the content?
  • How can we ensure our content is protected?
  • How do we protect ourselves from nefarious players?
  • What security measures must we have in place before we proceed?
  • How do we stay one step ahead of new security threats?

Every provider and business can say that they can be trusted to protect data, but what is said must be backed up by what they do, and what measures are in place. At Creative Virtual we never compromise on security.

Protecting personal information

We believe that protecting personal information is both a legal and moral obligation of every conversational AI provider and having the right security and privacy measures in place should be non-negotiable. These measures must cover all permutations of customer engagements, including but of course not limited to, interactions that are: text only, speech only, text and speech concurrently in the same session, emojis, slang, typos etc., as well as text, speech and images concurrently in the same session.

Embedding security

At Creative Virtual we have embedded advanced security measures across our V-PersonTM solution and V-StudioTM platform to ensure that users, and all content and data, are secure at all times. We have built in security and privacy controls which all come as standard for all customers using our platform and these include:

  • Access control at multiple layers of security levels
  • Penetration testing
  • Security scanning of all code
  • Two factor authentication
  • Web application firewall
  • User ID and passwords
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Biometric authentication (fingerprints and face recognition)
  • Authentication timeouts
  • Self Destructive Messages

Through our V-Studio platform we can deliver seamless and secure single sign-on, and our platform supports a wide choice of authentication providers. Customer choice is possible with the adoption of Okta as our primary identity and access management platform. Platform integration with a number with third-party tools means that we can enable biometrics, helping contact centers to eliminate the repetitive nature of call identification without compromising security, as well as providing fingerprint and face recognition where required. 

Our security credentials are further strengthened with the enforcement of centralized logging of all transactional data into a central repository, and we host our application only with Tier 1 hosting providers (e.g. AWS, Google), ensuring that we are compliant with the most recent data handling and storage policies. Our complete platform can also be hosted on-premise or within the customers secure cloud.

Don’t accept compromise

We never compromise on the security of our platform. It is an integral part of our solution, factored from the very beginning of the development process – where we have an embedded Veracode service that scans every line of code for vulnerabilities.

We’re also continuously conducting penetration testing of our software customer implementations, so that they always meet the highest possible security and data protection standards. Whether our customers have opted for the on-premise option of our V-Person Technology or our cloud option, security standards are never compromised.

Without the right security protocols, business reputation is at risk. As the saying goes – it takes a lifetime to build a reputation, and just one security breach to destroy it. 

Should you wish to take a look behind the scenes of our V-Studio platform and see the security measures we have in place, book a demonstration and we’ll take you on a tour of our platform.