Creative Virtual, a world leader in conversational AI for customer and employee engagement, is the conversational AI provider of choice for Age UK. Age UK is the United Kingdom’s largest charity for older people, providing services and support at both a national and local level. They have collaborated with Creative Virtual since 2017 on their virtual assistant solution.

Available to the public on the Age UK website, the virtual assistant is powered by Creative Virtual’s V-Person technology. The solution has enabled the charity to successfully achieve their four main project goals: improve discoverability of a large amount of online content; give people more ways to easily interact with and find information; resolve easy-to-answer queries online to reduce Advice Line calls; and be proactive in testing new innovations to better meet the charity’s objectives.

“We are very pleased to be working with Creative Virtual on our conversational AI. It’s so important that our website is able to offer visitors the support and assistance they need when contacting Age UK, and we need that process to be as effective and helpful as possible in order to achieve our goals,” says Kathi Hall, Head of Content Strategy and Brand at Age UK. “Our Advice Line is in huge demand given the many challenges older people are having to face right now, and we need to ensure that we are there to answer the phone and help those who need us the most, which this AI will help us to do.”

An upgrade to a more mobile-friendly interface design in 2021 lead to usage of the tool increasing by 50% over the following year. Web chat was also added at the same time to provide live agent support on the website, increasing the number of channels available and improving accessibility. Through an integration of V-Person with Twilio, users are seamlessly handed over to a live agent within the virtual assistant interface.

“Age UK’s virtual assistant is a wonderful example of the successful implementation of custom conversational flows,” says Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO of Creative Virtual. “Made possible by our conversational AI management platform, V-Portal™, these flows are key for guiding users to the right information despite Age UK’s large amount of online content.”

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