Creative Virtual, a world leader in conversational AI for customer and employee engagement, recently published a new buyer’s guide written to assist with chatbot purchasing decisions in 2023. The in-depth guide includes a quick comparison chart that makes evaluating the capabilities of conversational AI solutions easier.

“Conversational AI and chatbots are top of mind when it comes to digital customer service and employee support strategies,” says Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO of Creative Virtual. “Unfortunately, the market is now oversaturated with poor performing ‘add-on bots’ offered by many CRM, live chat, and contact centre vendors as they try to jump on the conversational AI bandwagon. We compiled this expert guide to clear up market confusion for buyers so they can make informed purchasing decisions in 2023.”

A conversational AI specialist differs from an add-on bot vendor because their core product is their conversational AI platform, and they have an established history of delivering highly successful virtual agent and chatbot solutions. These specialists are moving the technology forward with dedicated development teams and innovative deployments. They focus on creating effective self-service experiences through tightly integrated, personalised conversational engagement.

This guide delivers realistic insights into the current chatbot marketplace, highlighting the key areas to evaluate before making a purchasing decision. It covers differences in how artificial intelligence is implemented, the types of self-service experiences that can be delivered, and typical pricing structures. There is also guidance for organisations looking for a solution that fits with composable CX and a wider composable business approach.

The Chatbot Buyer’s Guide: Benefits of Collaborating with a Conversational AI Specialist, including the bonus quick comparison chart, is now available for download here.